Adult Fiction

Red Rising

Red Rising Book Cover

EPIC read! This sci-fi/fantasy novel had me hooked right from the beginning. I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy, but I could not put this book down! It is so addictive. Take a chance and check this one out. You will not be disappointed.

Daughter of the Forest

Daughter of the Forest Book Cover

A heart-achingly beautiful love story about Sorcha, a strong young woman with 6 doting older brothers who are turned into swans by an evil enchantress. Sorcha, the only person who can save them, undertakes a seemingly impossible task that ultimately takes her away from her forest in a fantastical adventure that is full of sorrow, violence, adventure, magic, and amazing love.

The Samurai’s Garden

The Samurai’s Garden Book Cover

This sweet novel follows a Chinese teenager's recovery from tuberculosis in a remote Japanese village on the eve of the Second World War. Tsukiyama's straightforward, elegant style belies the complexity of characters and emotions that her well-crafted story unfolds. A tender and easy read that will unexpectedly remind you of life's simple gifts.

The Girl With All the Gifts

The Girl With All the Gifts Book Cover

While I usually refrain from zombie books, The Girl with All the Gifts, was a treat to read and one of the best endings I’ve experienced in a while. Melanie and the other children wait in their cell daily until it is time for class, Melanie’s favorite part of the day. Unlike regular school children, these pupils eat larva for lunch, and attend school in a highly secure military structure after the virus has taken most of the planet. When everyone is forced to leave camp, boundaries between Melanie and the military personal (including her favorite teacher) become fluid as they fight for their survival among zombies who do not have the rare intellect Melanie features.

The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry Book Cover

The irascible A. J. Fikry, owner of Island Books - the only bookstore on Alice Island - has already lost his wife. Now his most prized possession, a rare book, has been stolen from right under his nose in the most embarrassing of circumstances. The store itself, it seems, will be next to go. One night upon closing, he discovers a toddler in his children’s section with a note from her mother pinned to her Elmo doll: "I want Maya to grow up in a place with books and among people who care about such kinds of things. I love her very much, but I can no longer take care of her". A search for Maya’s mother, A. J.’s rare book, and good childcare advice ensues. A new love interest in the form of a book salesperson appears and Fikry's cantankerous shell is further softened. This book is full of humor and tears: a great mix.

Ordinary Grace

Ordinary Grace Book Cover

Ordinary Grace is a stand-alone novel written by Krueger, known for his best-selling Cork O’Connor mysteries (also highly recommended). Frank Drum, teenage son of a preacher in a small town in Minnesota, narrates this story of a summer of death, anger, spiritual uncertainty and love. Present is an endearing old-fashioned innocence. I started listening to the CD and was forced to take the book home as I couldn't wait to discover the end of the story. Reviewed by Juli

Under the Wide and Starry Sky

Under the Wide and Starry Sky Book Cover

The improbable love story of the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson and his tempestuous American wife, Fanny. Their life was fascinating and filled with so many adventures.

First Frost

First Frost Book Cover

This book contains the characters of "Garden Spells" after a ten year time elapse. One of the best books that this author has written to date. You will not be disappointed with her beautiful character development and her magical story of Claire and Sydney's families. As one interviewer stated" The Waverly Women know that until the first frost comes each year there will be all kind and sorts of drama, but after it's happened everything will fine and they can celebrate." So come to the library and check this book out and be prepared for a wonderful journey into their lives. A Beautiful Read.

The Same Sky

The Same Sky Book Cover

Jodi Picoult is quoted" The Same Sky is the timeliest book you will read this year-a wrenching, honest, painstakingly researched novel that puts a human face to the story of undocumented youth desperately seeking their dreams in America. This one is going to haunt me for a long time---and it's going to define the brilliant Amanda Eyre Ward as a leading author of social conscious fiction" One of the best books that I have picked up in a long time - The journey of Carla coming to America was heart wrenching along with Alice's and Jake's determination to find that something special missing in their lives.

Windigo Island

Windigo Island Book Cover

The award-winning author of the best-selling Cork O'Connor series, William Kent Krueger pens novels with pulse-racing suspense. In Windigo Island, the corpse of an Ojibwe girl washes ashore. What follows is an intense search for young girls missing from the reservation. O'Connor is a former sheriff turned PI with an Irish/Ojibwe heritage. Krueger infuses his novels with a great sense of geography while keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen. Excellent narration makes this a good series for listening.