Adult Fiction


10:04 Book Cover

A prize winning poet, essayist and an English professor, Mr. Lerner authors a most unique story in this novel which is "on the edge of fiction." The reader is in the narrator's head (possibly Ben Lerner's....or not) enjoying the trip through a few years of his life in NYC. This novel is like no other that I have read. The author’s language will impress you and hold your interest as he jumps from story to story--you will laugh too.


Lottery Book Cover

This is a delightful first novel by Ms. Wood's published in 2008. It is a quick, easy read told in first person through 31 year old Perry Crandall who has a 76 IQ. Perry is raised by his grandmother who has taught him many things-- most importantly, who to trust and how to play the Washington state lottery. After the sad death of his Gram, his mother and other relatives want nothing to do with Perry. That is... until he wins $12 million dollars in the lottery. Will Perry survive against the greed of his family and his many new found friends? Perry Crandall is not to be underestimated! Seeing the world through Perry's eyes, done magnificently through simple metaphors, will delight the reader. Enjoy!

At Night We Walk In Circles

At Night We Walk In Circles Book Cover

At Night We Walk In Circles tells the story of Nelson, a young actor and aspiring playwright whose life is not going the way he planned. Things start looking up when he lands a role in a touring revival of a play written by Henry Nunez, a playwright he very much admires. The theater troupe, known as Diciembre, sets out to retrace their steps in the Andean provinces where they toured many years earlier at the height of their country's civil war. Towards the end of the tour, Henry makes a spur of the moment itinerary change--a change that will ultimately lead to Nelson's downfall. Night We Walk In Circles)(Alarcón) (reviewed by Megan) F ALARCON


Lexicon Book Cover

For those of us enthralled by language this book explores the hidden power of language for both good and evil. And the magic of persuasion and manipulation that we are all subject to, all of us except the “poets”; a secret society trained somewhere outside of Arlington, VA. Who are they? What is their purpose? Why are they important? And, what do they have to do with an innocent brainwashed man named Wil? What if there was a word – one word, ancient and deadly?

I Remember You

I Remember You Book Cover

[Winner of the Icelandic Crime Fiction Award] I was not sure what to expect from this author since this was one of the first times I read her books but this story gave me the chills! Three friends head off to an island to fix up a house to possible rent out and it turns into horrifying trip that will change them forever. It is partly based on a true story which makes it even more terrifying. Keep the lights on.

Winter Garden

Winter Garden Book Cover

A story about two sisters and their mother who told the girls a story about a prince and a peasant girl in Russia but never finished the tale. The mother was unemotional, detached vs the father who was the warm, welcoming parent. As the tale finally unfolds the background of the mother unfolds as well.

The Bird Eater

The Bird Eater Book Cover

This fairly new author (this is her 4th book) brings a fresh voice on the horror-theme. She ties modern day family issues with an interesting spin on being haunted by bad decisions and the non-living. Three pages in, I was pulled in and could not wait to see the outcome this family’s story.

Last To Know

Last To Know Book Cover

The author is known for her romantic adventures, however, this book is a mystery involving a murder on Evening Lake, a quiet community that is close to Boston and all of its crimes. The characters that she develops in this mystery are a mixed bag with expansive background information and colorful personalities. The main character is detective Harry Jordan who gets involved in a murder investigation concerning one of his neighbors and the small lake community. A great summer/fall mystery read with good character development.

Faithful Place

Faithful Place Book Cover

Faithful Place is about an old, unsolved disappearance of a young woman from a working class neighborhood in Ireland. When an article is found belonging to the missing woman her boyfriend is called to identify the item. The boyfriend is also the detective. The book delivers the mystery and delves into the life of the detective, his losses, his perspectives and finally the changes he needs make to make in his life. I would definitely read another of her books.

Kids These Days

Kids These Days Book Cover

Most of us have to rely on help from family at some point in our lives. What happens when that goes haywire in a hilarious and scarily bad way? Can we redeem ourselves and forgive our family? Why is it that family always seems to bring out the worst in us? Why do we hurt the ones we love the most? And, can we break the cycle before irreparable damage is done? This is a book we can all relate to.