Adult Non-Fiction


Tribe Book Cover

Originally written as an article in the Vanity Fair, Junger expands his thoughts of what it means to be part of a tribe in past and current societies. In times of great peril, typically during war times, human societies have found more connection and a deeper sense of self and place. Junger examines this phenomenon and further dives into current issues facing society locally and globally. At times this book made me feel sad, uncomfortable, reflective, shocked, and deeply moved. Junger pushes his readers to analyze the meaning of our lives and our communities we live in. One of my top reads of 2016!

Crochet the perfect gift

Crochet the perfect gift Book Cover

This is a great book on how to create crochet gifts. The instructions are easy to read and quick to make. If you’re looking for a more intricate level of crochet, there are patterns to fit any skill level.

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project Book Cover

Rubin's personal story traces a year of experiential techniques to cultivate a happier life. Breaking her project, and book chapters, into themes by month, the reader follows her development as she incorporates and applies a variety of approaches in her quest for contentment. Written from a position of privilege, its natural to question how universally applicable her message may be; nevertheless, you'll find yourself cheerier during, and hopefully after, this read!

13 hours : the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi

13 hours : the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi Book Cover

This is a must read for every American who wants to hear the truth of this horrible attack back on September 11, 2012. "It is a fast paced down to earth account given by the survivors of this attack" said one reader. I must agree as I found the story of these men who survived as our real heroes, not the politicians. They were brave and courageous in the 13 hours of hell that occurred in Libya and I thank them for their bravery. This book gives a very different view from what our government was saying about this event. It is a very good read.

One Summer, America 1927

One Summer, America 1927 Book Cover

This book is for those of you who like history. The author shares stories about different subjects and people that happened in 1927. And you thought 1927 was just about the history's severe depression. Bryson shares stories about Charles Lingbergh who was a true social misfit, Babe Ruth's explosion onto the baseball field, as well as Al Capone's adventures with the gangster scene. This book is full of amazing stories and details about fascinating people of this time.

Finders Keepers : A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession

Finders Keepers : A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession Book Cover

While hiking the deserts of the Southwest, the jungles of South America, Asia or the Far East we feel lucky to come across a relic of the past; do we ask ourselves is it ours to keep, ours to have displayed in a museum or hide away in a closet or basement where no one can enjoy or study them? Who do they belong to? Have Archaeologists and Anthropologists been some of the grave and site robbers and destructors of the past and are we grave and site robbers of the present? These are a few of the questions that well known naturalist, ecologist Craig Childs explores. Mr. Childs work is based upon the Native American ruins and the inconsistent nature of archaeological site excavations. He has included much history and done an enormous amount of research on this topic. He’s made the story engaging, at times suspenseful and has the reader questioning their own motives, rights and principles. I found myself both agreeing with Mr. Childs then at times disagreeing with him; I was constantly questioning myself which is an awesome sign of a good read.

Caffeinated : how our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us

Caffeinated : how our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us Book Cover

I enjoyed reading this book as I am and have been a coffee drinker since I was 16 years old. I love my daily cup of java and wanted to know more about what the author had researched on this subject, as I never thought of drinking coffee as an addiction. Murray Carpenter has definitely done his research on the "White powder" drug known as caffeine. He reveals the little known truth about this highly addictive drug found in numerous energy drinks, chocolate, sodas, and pain relievers. He discusses how caffeine is used by athletes to improve their performance and why the big brands in the soda industry have avoided regulatory efforts for years. The author takes us from a small town in Mexico to South America to China and Japan searching for the perfect Caffeine product.

Ambition and Desire: the dangerous life of Josephine Bonaparte

Ambition and Desire: the dangerous life of Josephine Bonaparte Book Cover

This well written non-fiction history of Josephine Bonaparte reads almost like a novel. It follows Josephine as a young, somewhat lazy and not particularly educated, girl through her adulterous years in which she develops her political skills and charms that become her essence of survival through adulthood. She strengthens through an unhappy first marriage and divorce, France's political turmoil, and as a prisoner watching her friends die by guillotine almost meeting the same fate. Upon first meeting, Napoleon is pulled to Josephine like an addiction. As life progresses marriage occurs, wars are won, and more power is gained by Napoleon. Josephine, in turn, becomes deeply attached to Napoleon. She is everything Napoleon is not. Napoleon is brash, rude and socially inept. After years of marriage and as crowned Emperor, Napoleon needs an heir that Josephine cannot deliver most likely due to health effects from being a prisoner. The divorce was painful for both Napoleon and Josephine. Although their tumultuous relationship reveals flawed traits of both Josephine and Napoleon the reader will be brought to realize why their relationship continues to intrigue us to this day. (If you like this you may be interested in reading Saundra Gulland's fictional trilogy on Josephine. You will be pleased with how closely it follows this non-fiction writing.)

The Patron way : from fantasty to fortune, lessons on taking any business from idea to iconic brand : the untold inside story of the world’s most successful tequila

The Patron way : from fantasty to fortune, lessons on taking any business from idea to iconic brand : the untold inside story of the world’s most successful tequila Book Cover

This is a fascinating read as well as a captivating story from beginning to end with a motto of believing in yourself . This story has passion for the product as well as the ups and downs of getting a new product to market and accepted by the industry. The author also allows us into her personal life with the founders of Patron- Martin Crowley and John Paul Dejoria . What a ride Patron had from the beginning .

The Zookeeper’s Wife

The Zookeeper’s Wife Book Cover

The Zookeeper’s Wife is a World War II story about two Polish zookeepers, Jan and Antonina Zabinski. Each person blessed with special gifts that keep the Warsaw Zoo thriving during times of peace, as well as wartime. As the war changes the lives of many, the zoo is also changed. As the majority of animals are lost to death and greed, Jan and Antonina use the zoo’s losses to save the lives of the Jewish people being persecuted. People are hidden in the zoo’s enclosures, and given names that correspond with the enclosures previous inhabitants. A touching read about the hardships and perseverance one family encountered during WWII.