Red Rising

Red Rising Book Cover

RED RISING is a government resistant novel not unlike The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, with heightened violence. However, the new twist of this resistance takes place on colonized Mars. Darrow is born a Red, the slave class. He is charismatic, a hard worker, clever and strong, and not likely to cause problems with the establishment. That is until his young wife is executed by the hand of the Golds, the ruling class, for singing a forbidden song. Darrow has the opportunity to be reborn as a Gold to enter their ranks to begin the rebellion from within their class. The violence and pain he endures is for the sake of his martyred wife. Much of this book, which is written with the intention of being a series, features a year long trial for all the young, eligible Golds to prove their worthiness and value and to be chosen for their careers. Despite the violence, you will enjoy each page and eagerly await book 2!

Lost Lake

Lost Lake Book Cover

Lost Lake the newest book of Sarah Addison Allen is another wonderful tale of second chances. "Worlds of regret and missed opportunities and lost loves found again" was one reviewer's thought of the book. This story has wonderful character development and it was a book that I did not want to end. If you are familiar with her other books, you know each one contains a bit of magic. This is a beautiful tale of a widowed mom, Kate, and her young daughter who escape their life in Atlanta for an adventure in a remote area of Southern Georgia called "Lost Lake".

Coyote Wind

Coyote Wind Book Cover

COYOTE WIND is the first in a series of mysteries based in rural Montana. Gabriel DuPre, a brand inspector who's heritage is French Indian, is reluctantly drawn into crime solving. In his spare time he plays fiddle in the local bar and juggles his lover, two teenage daughters and an assortment of eccentric friends and neighbors. Bowen's books are fast paced and full of humor and history.

The Power of One

The Power of One Book Cover

This is the story of Peekay, a South African boy of British origin, whose childhood is marked by trials and abandonment. His experience in a Dutch boarding school gives him the determination he later needs to become Welter Weight Champion of the World. Set after WWII, this story shows the many ways in which people affect our lives, but that ultimately it is the power of one that changes the world.

Let Him Go

Let Him Go Book Cover

Rural, North Dakota, early 1950's -a retired sheriff returns home one day to find his wife packing for a trip. She is hoping that her husband will accompany her as she sets off to find her widowed daughter-in-law, who has remarried and taken their only grandson away. The new husband is abusive and part of a psycho family who have no intention of letting either of them leave. A well-written story of love and tragedy that will haunt you long after you have finished.

The Valley of Amazement

The Valley of Amazement Book Cover

Lulu owns and runs a courtesan business in Shanghai. Her daughter, Violet, lives there too and is fascinated by the lives of the glamorous women. When she is abandoned by her mother, Violet has no choice but to become a courtesan too. Luckily for her, she is taken under the wing of an older woman who helps her survive some very difficult times. Amy Tan brings China in the early 20th century to life, while presenting mother-daughter issues and the position and options of women at that time.

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness Book Cover

This book brought the realities of madness right to the forefront. I couldn’t put it down. Miss Cahalan is a journalist who retells the story of her diagnoses and treatment of a form of autoimmune encephalitis which attacked her brain. I couldn’t help but think “this could happen to anyone”. Her experience was terrifying and she shows selflessness in sharing her story with others. An unbelievable telling of an incredible journey back to wellness both mentally and physically.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the End of the Lane Book Cover

Another Gaiman book I did not want to put down! As the narrator travels back to his childhood lane, he is mysteriously drawn to the house at the end, the one with the Ocean, or as he calls it the little duck pond. His memories take us back to a time he spent with Lettie Hempstock, and two ladies she calls her mother and grandmother, which was so peculiar and magical yet almost believable. After a freak accident involving the family’s car, he meets the three magical Hempstock ladies, and the journey is full of strange happenings. Everywhere you look the unbelievable becomes believable, what seems like a normal pond is really a magical Ocean, and those who seem like a normal family living at the end of the lane are actually witches who have each lived through may lifetimes. The accident brings trouble, and the Hempstock women are just the people to take care of the vermin trouble.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society Book Cover

When a mysterious ad catches the attention of the city’s gifted children, only good can come from several mind-bending test. Right? With the assistance of Mr. Benedict’s trusted associate, gifted children flock to see who is the smartest, and who will get the opportunity to serve this mysterious benefactor. Reynie an orphan, Sticky an anxious boy with a remarkable memory, Constance a bossy little girl, and bucket carrying Kate are the four chosen children. The newly formed Mysterious Benedict Society will use their individual gifts and intuition to save the world, from evil Mr. Curtain and his plan to brainwash the world through the television. Their journey is full of mystery, suspense, and many twists and turns that you never see coming.

When women were birds

When women were birds Book Cover

This is a memoir that continues the work of Williams’ “Refuge”, honoring her mother’s identity and memory. Her mother died of cancer at a young age and left Terry her journals, of which she was surprised to discover that they were all blank. It is a book about nature, family, history, and what it means to have a voice.