In the Kingdom of Men (Large Print)

In the Kingdom of Men (Large Print) Book Cover

Gin was raised in backwoods Oklahoma by her fundamentalist Christian grandfather. She escapes by marrying hometown hero, Mason McPhee. He takes a job with an oil company in Saudi Arabia and Gin's life changes in ways that she could not have foreseen. This is an interesting picture of an expat's life in Saudi Arabia in the late 60's. Ultimately, can you go home again and do you want to?

Me Before You

Me Before You Book Cover

Will had the perfect life - young and attractive with a great job, beautiful women and fantastic, extreme vacations. One rainy day, he has a tragic accident that leaves him a quadriplegic. Louisa has lived her whole life in a small town and seems content with her limited horizons. When Louisa comes to work for Will as a caretaker, both of their lives will change forever. He has given himself 6 months before he will commit suicide. Louisa is determined to make him change his mind. But... can she and should she?

Climate matters : ethics in a warming world

Climate matters : ethics in a warming world Book Cover

Broome is the Professor of Moral History at Oxford University and a member of Working Group III, the UN's leading international group for assessing climate change and effects of global warming. He cuts through the political stalement to offer a balanced new model for action. He reasons clearly through what morality requires (and doesn't require) of us, both as private citizens and governments. Exploring concepts of goodness and justice, he demonstrates how we can apply both to climate change. Not an easy read but very timely and thought provoking.

Flight Behavior

Flight Behavior Book Cover

A young Appalachian woman who has settled for a life of disappointment, witnesses an event on her farm that has a profound impact on herself and her family's future. Written with first-hand knowledge of the science involved and the emotions that drive its belief and denial, Kingsolver has written a timely book that deals with one of the most important subjects of our lifetime.


Wonder Book Cover

“For August “Auggie” Pullman, being treated as an ordinary kid would be his greatest wish, but his facial deformity makes ordinary seem like an extraordinary feat. A beautiful humanistic portrayal of courage in the face of adversity and how friendship and acts of kindness really are powerful and wondrous. I couldn’t stop reading this book!

The Book of Unholy Mischief [sound recording-CD]

The Book of Unholy Mischief [sound recording-CD] Book Cover

Luciano, a street urchin living in Renaissance Italy, is taken in by the doge’s chef, Maestro Ferrero, and trained to be an apprentice. While serving under the chef, Luciano learns that the doge and other powerful men in Italy are searching for a book rumored to contain alchemy formulas and potions for love and immortality. He begins to wonder if there is more to the chef’s recipes than just culinary delight. The engaging tale is like a blend between Like Water for Chocolate and the DaVinci Code.

Call the Midwife (DVD)

Call the Midwife (DVD) Book Cover

Have you been anxiously awaiting the third season of Downton Abbey? We have a new highly acclaimed BBC mini-series called, “Call the Midwife” that just might tide you over until the January 29th release date of Downton! The show follows the lives of several young nurse midwives working in the 1950’s in one of the poorest parts of London. The living conditions are horrible and the poverty is terrible, but I grew to love all the characters in the show. From the nurses, to the nuns, to the patients, you will be moved to tears as often as you will be to laughter! Come in and check it out!


Roots Book Cover

225 recipes. Organized by root. Try the homemade ginger ale and the panko crusted goat cheese with roasted beet arugula salad.


1Q84 Book Cover

A compelling story about parallel universes, unbelievable events, and true love.


PopCo Book Cover

Meet Alice Butler; cross word writer, cryptologist, and toy designer. This book is refreshing and original.