Park City Room

The Park City Room has some great resources on Park City History.

Items include:

  • 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Display & Books
  • Sundance Books and Schedules
  • Park City Municipal Code
  • Park City Budget & Financial Plans
  • Glenwood Cemetery
  • Park City Magazine (1980 – Present)
  • Park Record on Microfilm

Park Record Information

1880 – 2010, on microfilm in the Park City Room

  • Indexed from 1880 – 1920 and 1941-1959

1881-1970, online at

  • Searchable

August 19, 2003 – Current, online at

  • Searchable
  • Ask librarian for Pioneer access code

Last two years, hardcopy in the periodical archives section on 2nd floor of library

Current Issues and Previous Year (major articles only), online at

  Useful Links

 Family Tree Center (for genealogy):

Park City Council Minutes:

Park City Museum:

Park City Visitors Center:

Park City Website:

Summit County Historical Society: