Staff Picks: April 2013

The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars Book Cover

A fast paced novel not to be missed! Award-winning-author, John Green beautifully and honesty confronts mortality and the in between moments that is our humanity. Laugh, cry, and see the color ‘orange’ in whole new way.

May We Be Forgiven

May We Be Forgiven Book Cover

George Silver is a successful TV executive with a beautiful wife, two kids and a house in the suburbs. His underachieving older brother Harry is a Nixon scholar. George’s murderous temper, held in check until now, results in acts of violence so shocking that lives are changed forever. Murder, sex and parenting and guilt are dealt with under an umbrella of dark humor and you realize just how fragile life as you know it really is. I found it very difficult to put this one down.

A Week in Winter

A Week in Winter Book Cover

Maeve Binchy’s storytelling techniques are wonderful and well known by her peers. This book is her last one as she died last July and after reading it, I think it is one of her best stories. “A Week in Winter” is about Chicky Starr who comes home from America with her secrets. She decides to renovate an old stone house by the Atlantic Sea into a welcoming and comforting small hotel with the help of some of her friends and relatives. I found myself immersed into the main story and liking all of her characters to the point where I could not put down the book. For those of you who enjoyed “Circle of Friends” , this is a must read as the characters are enchanting. “A Week in Winter “ is truly a nice read.