Staff Picks: February 2012

The Street Sweeper

The Street Sweeper Book Cover

This is the remarkable story of intertwining lives dealing with a man recently released from prison, a Holocaust survivor he befriends, a history professor from Columbia Univ., and the effects their lives have on each other in unimaginable ways. You may be surprised at how it will affect you. Highly recommended.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Book Cover

This is the story of a young boy (Oskar) who lost his beloved father on Sept 11th. He finds a key among his father's things and begins to believe that if he can find the lock which is opened by his key, he will have a greater understanding of his father. He makes a plan to visit all of the people with the last name of Black in New York City. As we follow him in his quest, we also learn the story of his grandparents who survived the bombing of Dresden. It is a sad book and sometimes a bit difficult to read because Oskar has a mild form of autism and the story of the grandparents goes back and forth in time, but Oskar touches your heart from the beginning and you really want his story to have a happy ending.