Staff Picks: February 2014

Coyote Wind

Coyote Wind Book Cover

COYOTE WIND is the first in a series of mysteries based in rural Montana. Gabriel DuPre, a brand inspector who's heritage is French Indian, is reluctantly drawn into crime solving. In his spare time he plays fiddle in the local bar and juggles his lover, two teenage daughters and an assortment of eccentric friends and neighbors. Bowen's books are fast paced and full of humor and history.

The Power of One

The Power of One Book Cover

This is the story of Peekay, a South African boy of British origin, whose childhood is marked by trials and abandonment. His experience in a Dutch boarding school gives him the determination he later needs to become Welter Weight Champion of the World. Set after WWII, this story shows the many ways in which people affect our lives, but that ultimately it is the power of one that changes the world.