Staff Picks: July 2013

Women of the Frontier

Women of the Frontier Book Cover

"16 Tales of Trailblazing Homesteaders, entrepreneurs, and rebel Rousers" so says the by-line in this book. A wonderful and well written book of the women who helped shaped the west with their stories. The book also recounts the major impact pioneers had on those who settled into the new regions of American. These woman possessed a strong spirit in relocating from their comfy surroundings to the wild west of the unknown regions such as the Mexican & Oregon territory. As you read amongst the pages you will come to know Sarah Winnemucca who fought the Government over the treatment of American Indians and many more women whose tales of courage will amaze the reader. You will not find these stories in your History classroom!

Ladies Night

Ladies Night Book Cover

A great summer read , full of adventure and revenge sprinkled with humor. The author has great character development along with a good story line. I found myself laughing outloud with some of the character’s madcap revenge techniques. The reader will not be disappointed with this latest Andrews book.

Dead Ever After

Dead Ever After Book Cover

If you have been following Charlaine’s character Sookie Stackhouse in the last 12 books, you know she is one gifted Lady who finds herself in all kinds of supernatural situations. This is the final chapter in this series. The author gives Sookie an appropriate closure to certain situations with some of the other characters . Some people may not like how she ended the book, however, Sookie appreciates the people who have stood by her and helped her through some horrific events.