Staff Picks: March 2012

Bringing Up Bébé

Bringing Up Bébé Book Cover

Druckerman gives us an interesting look into French parenting techniques and insight into striving for autonomy in children at an early age. She and her British husband are living in Paris indefinitely and during that time they have 3 children. She notices how French children seem to behave better, need less attention and are still very happy. They sleep through the night at an early age, are pleasant at meal times, eat their vegetables without a fuss and never whine! This sparked my interest and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at parenting in a different way. Although it is considered a parenting book, the author makes it very interesting by using her own experiences and insight into the trials and joyful times in her day to day life.

The Story of Lucy Gault

The Story of Lucy Gault Book Cover

The lives of a family in 1920’s Ireland are changed forever when the 9yr old daughter cannot bear the thought of leaving their home when they are forced to move, and runs away, leading her parents to believe she has tragically drowned. The story is beautifully written by Trevor, covering the themes of love, guilt, and forgiveness.