Adult Fiction

The Great Alone

The Great Alone Book Cover

The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah is a beautifully written novel about survival in the Alaskan wilderness and from domestic abuse at the hands of her father. Hannah's vivid descriptions of the Alaskan wilderness and lifestyle makes you feel as if you are actually there. The main character, Leni, displays resilience and courage beyond her years. She finds solace in the Alaska she has come to love, which she leaves and eventually returns to a lost love.

Waiting for Tom Hanks

Waiting for Tom Hanks Book Cover

I liked this book as it really was funny and kept me laughing. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a book with the quirky characters that were lovable. The author refers to Tom Hanks but not in the way you would think- sit back and relax with a good cup of tea or coffee and expect to be humored.

The Confession Club

The Confession Club Book Cover

This book is the third one in her series of a small town community called Mason , Missouri where Arthur Truluv lived. Some of her familiar characters, such as Iris, Maddy and her daughter Nola, are focused on in this book. It is a heartwarming story of life and imagination. Maddy and her daughter, Nola, come back to live in Mason with Iris. They get invited to join in the group of ladies known as The Confession Club, which is more like sharing a confession that happened during one’s life on a weekly basis that includes dinner and dessert. Some of these confessions are funny while others are sad. If you have read ”Arthur Truluv“and its sequel “A Night of Miracles”, you will thoroughly enjoy reading this one. Elizabeth Berg does not disappoint with her beautiful words and story about her character lives. I was drawn into this world by chapter two and did not want it to end. Truly a great read of 2019.

The summer of Sunshine & Margot

The summer of Sunshine & Margot Book Cover

Another quick and quirky read by Susan Mallery. "Mallery blends the friend-and-family relationships and self-actualization focus common to women's fiction [with the] happy ending of a contemporary romance, making this an excellent summer read for fans of both genres." This was the quote from Amazon reviews. Two sisters who happen to be twins take on jobs which require they live in their employer's homes. One sister is working with an aging famous actress on social etiquette with royalty while the other sister is a nanny to a single dad while attending college to work towards her degree. This book will have you laughing out loud with some of the situations that the author creates to keep the book interesting. Its a contemporary romance type of book.

The Inn at Rose Harbor

The Inn at Rose Harbor Book Cover

I am a Debbie Macomber super fan. The Rose Harbor Series has been my favorite out of all of the books I have read so far. The series is a follow up of the longer Cedar Cove series, but this is not necessary to read that series first! In the first book, The Inn at Rose Harbor, we meet Jo Marie Barlow who is seeking comfort from losing her husband. She purchased the bed and breakfast with her inheritance money (and named it after her husband) in a small town after living in Seattle for years. Rose Marie soon finds that the inn not only brings peace to her but to others that stay there. Each book features new guests staying at the inn and their stories. I hope you enjoy Cedar Cove, Jo Marie, and the small town / family dramas and love that I was drawn to in this fast paced, light five book series.

Cinnamon and gunpowder

Cinnamon and gunpowder Book Cover

Funny, adventurous, odd, dark; hard to put this one in a box which is why you should read it. A humorous tale about a female pirate’s adventures told through the eyes of her captive, a rather timid chef.

The A list : an Ali Reynolds mystery

The A list : an Ali Reynolds mystery Book Cover

This book features Ali Reynolds, a former news broadcaster in California, who happens to be on "The A List" or Annihilation list of a convicted killer. This is a list of five people that the character of Dr. Edward Gilchrist wants dead from putting him in prison for life. J.A. Jance has done it again by providing the reader with a great mystery within a mystery concerning Ali, the main character.

Where the crawdads sing

Where the crawdads sing Book Cover

Author Delia Owens beautifully incorporates the natural world of the marshes of North Carolina in this story of a young girl abandoned by her family at the age of 7. Known by the town people as the "Marsh Girl", she navigates loneliness and fear by turning to the wildlife surrounding her in the marshes. Watch for the ending twist.

The address

The address Book Cover

This novel focuses on The Dakota Building in NYC. The author certainly researched this building in detail as she explains why each apartment was built the way it was back in the late 1800's. She combines Historical events with a tale of greed, passion, and sacrifice told 100 years apart . Sara is the character in 1885 where as Bailey is the character in 1985 and how they overlap is cleverly written. A great read for those that like historical fiction with a murder entwined in the pages.

Leviathan Wakes

Leviathan Wakes Book Cover

This sweeping, world-building “space opera” is a faced-paced sci-fi whodunit and first book in The Expanse series. Most of James S. A. Corey’s characters are flawed, but he gets you to like the characters despite them. Corey is a pen name for Daniel Abraham (known for adapting Game of Thrones) and Ty Franck (personal assistant to George R. R. Martin). The Expanse was adapted to television through the Syfy channel.