Deep Creek : finding hope in the high country

Deep Creek : finding hope in the high country Book Cover

Selected for the 2020 One Book One Community book. A moving story of the author’s life in the remote mountains of Colorado. A great read during “Stay at Home” orders.

The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of An American Dynasty

The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of An American Dynasty Book Cover

The First Ladies of the United States' Presidents fascinate me. What do these women do day to day? What is their life in the White House like? How does it feel to be the wife of arguably the most powerful person on the planet? These and so many other questions are addressed in this retelling of Mrs. Bush's life. Barbara Bush devoted her life to supporting her husband's ambitions. As George H.W. Bush gained political clout, she was frequently criticized by women with more modern viewpoints about the role of a wife. Mrs. Bush was hurt by these criticisms. Her contributions to literacy in the US are substantial including the development of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. Her legacy lives on in her literacy projects as well as the continuing political ambitions of members of the Bush family.


Becoming Book Cover

An amazing autobiography that left me wanting more from my new and dear friend.

Brain on fire: my month of madness

Brain on fire: my month of madness Book Cover

This book had me hooked from the beginning. It follows the journey of journalist Susannah Cahalan, who suffered from an autoimmune disease that caused her to quite literally lose her mind. It was wonderfully written and provides perspective on those who suffer from mental illness.

The Girl With Seven Names

The Girl With Seven Names Book Cover

A true, sad, unbelieveable story of a young girl's experience defecting from North Korea. She left her family not comprehending the risks. Often I found myself second-guessing her and wondering "how can this really be true?" I'm recommending this book because it opened my eyes to the horrors of dictatorship.

The Magnolia Story

The Magnolia Story Book Cover

If you love binge watching Fixer Upper on HGTV, you'll love this book! The timeline covers Chip and Joanna Gaines, from growing up in seemingly different worlds, to falling in love and experiencing the crazy road that led them to where they are now, as well as the success of their business. Their story sheds light on the behind-the-scenes, sometimes difficult, moments that happened before the cameras were on them.

Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future

Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future Book Cover

Tesla has become a household name, and so has the name of the brilliant mind behind the brand, Elon Musk. This book delves into the history and future of Musk, as well as the many companies and products he’s created. It explores his vision and drive to create a better future for the Earth and the people on it.

Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner

Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner Book Cover

The content of this book will certainly not be for everyone. However, it will not disappoint. The book follows Judy Melinek's journey as a Medical Examiner, along with her husband T.J. Mitchell, who followed her around the country and became a stay-at-home Dad, supporting her every step of the way. In heartbreaking detail, Dr. Melinek explains what it was like being a Medical Examiner in New York City on September 11th, 2001. Her story is extremely impactful and sheds light on the unseen and often unknown struggles that come with being a Forensic Pathologist. With a sprinkle of dark humor, this is an insightful book you won’t soon forget.

Not My Father’s Son

Not My Father’s Son Book Cover

Not My Father’s Son is an eye opening book into the upbringing of one my favorite screen and stage actors. Alan Cumming beautifully depicts this unveiling of his family history, in a heart-wrenching page turner!

Hunger makes me a modern girl

Hunger makes me a modern girl Book Cover

Before reading Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, I - like many others, I'm sure - only knew Carrie Brownstein from IFC's absurdist masterpiece Portlandia. I did know that she was once in a punk band, but I didn't know any other details from Brownstein's earlier life. It speaks to the transcendent, heartbreaking nature of the themes in this book that despite going in mostly blind, I was more moved by this memoir than by any other I've read in recent years. In this book, Brownstein lets you into the explosive, transformative, complicated world of the Riot Grrl movement, of Olympia and Portland during the 1990's. She demystifies and contradicts the perceived glamour of being in a successful touring band, even as she details how those few moments onstage each night were what temporarily obliterated her anxieties and fears, her loneliness, and made it all worth it. She writes about her life the same way she plays guitar and sings in her band, Sleater Kinney: masterfully, all cards on the table, allowing for and celebrating imperfection. I find it hard to imagine that any reader would not find something in this memoir that speaks deeply to them, or would not see something of themselves in Carrie Brownstein's candor, vulnerability, humor, and hunger for something nameless. This book has stayed with me long after I finished the last page.