Juvenile Easy

High Five

High Five Book Cover

This is a super fun and interactive book to read to your young book lovers!

Quinito’s neighborhood / El vecindario de Quinito

Quinito’s neighborhood / El vecindario de Quinito Book Cover

Not only does this book show the importance of community and highlights the interrelationships between members of the community, it also does a great job at bending gender roles! Great multicultural book. Easy to read, kids love the art.

Julian is a mermaid

Julian is a mermaid Book Cover

I love this book! The illustrations are beautiful and message of being who you are and having familial support gave me all the good feels.

Daddy and me [toddler book]

Daddy and me [toddler book] Book Cover

Every parent or caregiver needs to know about Karen Katz's lift-the flap books. Each set of pages has a flap to find something that the story is looking for. In this book, follow the dad and child as they make a dog house. Where is daddy's screwdrivers? Behind the paint cans! Most of Katz's books have a child that could be a boy or a girl, but the adults have typically stereotypical gender roles in the storylines.

Little feminist [toddler book]

Little feminist [toddler book] Book Cover

Learn about the essential pioneers, activists, leaders, and artists with the feminist you are raising! These books are much thicker than the regular board books, which made these a better first book for my daughter. She also enjoyed the simple yet bright colors. There is also a set of books for little scientists too, but this set is my favorite!

Lullaby & Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love with Your Baby

Lullaby & Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love with Your Baby Book Cover

The poems in this book are so sweet and fun to read. These poems are fun when nursery rhymes get old and you need something new. The illustrations are darling. There are so many topics covered in this book - which one will be your family's favorite? One of the best things that I loved about this book is that they call car seats "car cocoons" - too cute!

Bubble Gum Brain

Bubble Gum Brain Book Cover

I wanted to share how much my daughter Olivia and I enjoyed this book. We read it recently and she thought it was really funny! I am going to reference her using her bubble gum brain and trying new things (I too will try to remember that I need a Bubble Gum Brain!). No more Brick Brain's for us!!

La La La

La La La Book Cover

Have your young reader tell YOU the story in this nearly wordless book. Having your child tell you the story based solely on the pictures is a great early literacy skill- try it with this beautiful picture book!

Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos Book Cover

This is a fun book for dragon lovers and taco lovers alike! This is a silly book with wonderful illustrations!

The Book with No Pictures

The Book with No Pictures Book Cover

You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except . . . here’s how book works. Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say . . . BLORK. Or BLUURF. The book is ridiculously fun for the kids to hear, and the reader won't be able to resist smiling. The kids will beg to hear it over and over! This book will become a staple children's book, you'll be so glad you checked it out!