Girls of Paper and Fire

Girls of Paper and Fire Book Cover

Set in a 3 class society, Lei is of the lowest class, Paper. She becomes a strong female lead as she and her friends endure situations that some readers may find troubling. However, the story, pace, and world is well written and worth reading. This is book one in the series and it ended in a way that made me want to pick up the second one immediately.

Every Heart a Doorway

Every Heart a Doorway Book Cover

This short, smartly written novella has you siding with each character as well as learning about the multiple worlds that McGuire has created. McGuire writes a meaningful story about Nancy's longing and struggles to belong somewhere, but being on hold for the world she loves. Suitable for teen readers, too, this is book one in the Wayward Children series. I would recommend all the books in this series for Teens and Adults.

The ballad of songbirds and snakes

The ballad of songbirds and snakes Book Cover

Suzanne Collins has done it again with a prequel to the Hunger Games. This book covers the character development of Coriolanus Snow when he was a teenager and his part as a mentor in the tenth Hunger games. "Ambition will fuel him, competition will drive him, but power has its price" says Amazon's review. This is a must-read for those that loved the Hunger Games books and one that can not be put down easily. Enjoy the ride.

When we left Cuba

When we left Cuba Book Cover

"When We Left Cuba" is the sequel to "Next Year in Havana". This storyline focuses on Beatriz Perez, Elisa's older sister, who escaped to Miami from Cuba after the Cuban revolution stole everything from her and her family. A beautiful story of the main character willing to risk everything she has to return to Cuba and to take back her country. The author drew upon information from her own family escaping from Cuba at this time as well as drawing historical information about the CIA involvement with Cuba.

Next year in Havana

Next year in Havana Book Cover

"A beautifully written novel that’s full of forbidden passions, family secrets, and a lot of courage and sacrifice" is a direct quote from Reese Witherspoon. It is 1958 when the Cuban government was ruled under a dictator which left Fidel Castro and Che ready to swoop in and claim it for themselves. Elisa Perez was 19 and one of four daughters of a sugar baron. In 2017, Marisol is the granddaughter of Elisa Perez who is returning to Havana to bury her grandmother's ashes and to discover her roots in Cuba as well as learn about the political climate under Castro's rule. Lots of true historical information intertwined with an interesting storyline woven by the author.

The darkest part of the forest

The darkest part of the forest Book Cover

I could not put this book down! Holly Black creates an environment so realistic with detail that you can’t help but be fully committed to the story and the characters from the first chapter. The way that she intertwines the fantasy into the reality she has created makes it so believable. There were prats of the book that were so exciting and enticing that I was reading so fast I had to consciously slow down.

Daisy Jones & the Six : a novel

Daisy Jones & the Six : a novel Book Cover

Quick read about a fictional rock band during the 1970s. Loved the characters and the inside scoop on how an album is made.

The Japanese lover [sound recording-CD] : a novel

The Japanese lover [sound recording-CD] : a novel Book Cover

Loved listening to this one. Hard to get out of the car! It's an historic novel with a love story spanning decades. From WWII to current times. The story begins and ends in Larkhouse, a home for the elderly in San Francisco full of old hippies. The characters are international, wealthy, poor and fascinating. I even learned something about Topaz, the Japanese internment camp in the Delta, Utah area. Highly recommended.

Hello, summer

Hello, summer Book Cover

This is the author's newest beach read so gather up your sunglasses, a great lounge chair along with a cold drink and get ready to immerse yourself in a small-town scandal. Welcome to Silver Bay, a small town in the Florida panhandle, where Sarah Conley Hawkins comes from and returns after a job lost in DC. Her family has owned a family newspaper for many years which is barely keeping afloat in these times. She is an award-winning journalist who seeks the truth in the stories that she tells in her articles. And guess who is chasing the story to get her ticket out of this small town and back into the limelight of America! Andrews once again captures the quirkiness of her characters in her lovely prose and weaves a delightful storyline of deceit, lies and corruption. So sit back and enjoy this book!

Beartown : a novel

Beartown : a novel Book Cover

I found myself not wanting to put this book down, even for a minute as so much was happening with the author's character development. This book is just not about hockey but other key elements of life as well. I have to agree with Amazon's review which states" Beartown explores the hopes that bring a small community together, the secrets that tear it apart, and the courage it takes for an individual to go against the grain." I hope you enjoy the characters as much as I did in his book.