You are a Badass

You are a Badass Book Cover

This is, by far, my favorite book in the “self-improvement” category, and I’ve read a lot of them! Jen Sincero’s writing will make you laugh out loud and nod your head as you realize things about yourself, your thought process, and the world around you. I’ve read this book more than 10 times and I get something out of it each time. The audiobook is also hilariously narrated by her and it’s a must listen!

Julian is a mermaid

Julian is a mermaid Book Cover

I love this book! The illustrations are beautiful and message of being who you are and having familial support gave me all the good feels.

El Deafo

El Deafo Book Cover

El Deafo shows us that differences are what make us special. A quick, must-read for any young reader!


Calypso Book Cover

David Sedaris has a magical way of taking traumatic events in his life, and telling a beautiful, relatable, and funny story. His collections of stories may seem random at first, but inevitably they tie together beautifully and purposefully. I thoroughly enjoy his audio books, as he reads them and it adds an extra layer of depth to his storytelling.

The hate u give [audiobook]

The hate u give [audiobook] Book Cover

This book is a powerful piece of literature that explores a life of a 16 year old black girl, Starr Carter, who becomes an activist after witnessing a police shooting of one of her best friends from childhood. The narrator of this book is outstanding. I couldn’t stop listening!


Cantinflas Book Cover

This movie tells the story of Mario Moreno, better known as Cantinflas. His movies are comedy classics and beloved throughout all of Latin America. It begins with his origins as a vaudeville performer in the Mexican countryside, to his success in Mexican Cinema and ultimately in Hollywood. If you're a fan of classic cinema, you'll enjoy this movie.

A man called Ove : a novel

A man called Ove : a novel Book Cover

This novel, by Swedish writer, blogger and columnist Fredrik Backman, tells a heartwarming and comical story of love, loss and how a neighborhood transforms a lonely curmudgeon's life into one worth living! The love and bonds that develop between all the diverse and quirky neighbors is refreshing and will have you laughing and crying out loud! Be prepared to fall in love with Ove!

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins Book Cover

This childhood classic tells the story of Karana, a young indigenous woman who survived alone on and island off the California coast for 18 years. Her courageous spirit and will to survive is something that sticks with readers long after they've finished the novel.

Daddy and me [toddler book]

Daddy and me [toddler book] Book Cover

Every parent or caregiver needs to know about Karen Katz's lift-the flap books. Each set of pages has a flap to find something that the story is looking for. In this book, follow the dad and child as they make a dog house. Where is daddy's screwdrivers? Behind the paint cans! Most of Katz's books have a child that could be a boy or a girl, but the adults have typically stereotypical gender roles in the storylines.

Improv nation : how we made a great American art

Improv nation : how we made a great American art Book Cover

This is a must read for any improv lover! This comprehensive history of improv is an eye opening perspective in the true American art form.