Summer Reading

Train Your Brain Summer Challenge

What’s the Goal?

We can’t tell you how you want to train your brain! Maybe it’s using a new piece of technology, reading 20 minutes a day, or tackling that classic you’ve always meant to read. Whatever your goal, the library Train Your Brain Summer Challenge will help you achieve it. See the inside of this brochure for research-based goal setting tips.

How do I sign up?

Visit the library and commit to the summer challenge by participating in our Community Art Project, created by Kimball Art Center’s Young Artist Academy. Over the course of the summer, your intellectual goals will complete the art piece.

How do I track my progress?

If you’ve completed your goal, come into the library every other week and grab a Make Your Own Prize STEM Kit to reward yourself. The kits contain science projects that are fun for the whole family. If you’ve completed your goal for the whole summer, visit the library between 8/19 & 8/26 to grab your prize: a free book!

Not sure? Get inspired:

  • Read 20 minutes a day
  • Check out a CD
  • Read a specific number of books
  • Learn a new language using Mango
  • Learn new software using
  • Attend library programs
  • Read a poem a day
  • Write a story
  • Binge-read a series of books
  • Record original music in the sound booth
  • Read aloud to your parent (or a pet)
  • Join a book club