Staff Picks: August 2011

Summer Rental

Summer Rental Book Cover

If you are looking for a nice quick and predictable read for your summer vacation be sure to check this book out from the library. It is a story about 3 best friends who rent a run-down beach house on the Outer Banks for one month. They come with their own baggage with hopes of finding answers to their life’s questions. Add to this mix a handsome landlord with an ex-wife who is a very beautiful but greedy woman, escaping her abusive husband that just embezzled millions from his friend .There is plenty of adventure in this book. It is a predictable read but in a lovely summer read way as you will want to see what happens next in the characters’ lives.

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana Book Cover

When the Taliban invaded Kabul, the Sidiqi family was forced to rearrange family roles. The men and of the family were forced to leave the city, and the women and girls were unable to continue careers or education, which was very devastating to them. Unable to work and provide for the family as they were shut in their home, the women joined together to start sewing in their home for tailors throughout the city. Not only were they able to form a successful business during those hard times, they also educated and helped many women in similar situations to start their own business ventures, which brought back the empowerment of women in a terrifying time.

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale Book Cover

In Maus, Spiegelman narrates the story of his father’s survival of WWII and transforms it into a graphic novel. Through comic-book form, Spiegelman depicts the struggles and heartache of his family trying to survive in Nazi-occupied Poland. Because of the nature of the book, the reader is transported into the story with images and imagination, both of which make the story that much more moving.