Staff Picks: June 2014

Joy For Beginners

Joy For Beginners Book Cover

This is a great chick book. Kate has survived cancer and the ensuing treatment. She is challenged by her friend Marion to celebrate her new lease on life by taking a river trip with her daughter. Kate is reticent but then Marion challenges all six of the friends to also do something that scares them. The reader follows each of the friends and their personal challenge.


Noggin Book Cover

In the near future we will be able to cryogenically freeze our head & brain to live again on a different donor body. We will be the same but different. We will have some physical skills that we might never have had in our first body. But, we will still love the same people. How do we adapt to these changes? And, how do the people we love adapt to the changes in us.

The Book of Life

The Book of Life Book Cover

This is the final book in her trilogy that began with Discovery of Witches. Diana Bishop and her vampire scientist husband, Matthew Clairmont return to the present to find the missing pages in Ashmole 782 before it falls into the deadly hands of other creatures. Get ready for an adventure with these two characters who will use ancient knowledge and modern science and will travel from the University to Venice to learn what the witches knew long ago. The closure of the trilogy is a nice read for those who love the author's quirky and loving characters.