Staff Picks: June 2018

The Dark Net : a novel

The Dark Net : a novel Book Cover

This is an engaging book that blends supernatural horror with technology - the Internet can be a dark place but is made especially so with demonic forces using it for humanity's destruction.

Drop the Ball

Drop the Ball Book Cover

This book is about working parents, sharing duties and letting go. I found it very interesting, humorous and at times relatable. I especially enjoyed the anecdotes the author shares about her friends and mentors. The author reads this book on CD which adds a nice touch.

Alive inside

Alive inside Book Cover

This is my all time favorite Sundance film. It's a moving documentary about a Social Worker, Dan Cohen, who helps people that have severe memory loss. Some of them are are unable to speak or communicate. Dan Cohen, the Social Worker and founder of the nonprofit Music & Memory, connects people to music. Not just ordinary music but music that has special meaning for them. What happens to them is nothing short of miraculous. This film made me cry and laugh and made me hopeful. I love this film so much.