Staff Picks: March 2018

Howl : of woman and wolf

Howl : of woman and wolf Book Cover

Local author, raised in Summit Park and currently lives in Salt Lake City. Bird shares her intimate thoughts about her relationship with wolves.

Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy Book Cover

A must read for those interested in the social economic struggles of the Midwest and Bible Belt of the United States.

Lilac girls

Lilac girls Book Cover

I read this in a week! Could not put it down…as it exposes the happenings of Hilter’s only female concentration camp during WWII.

Z : a novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Z : a novel of Zelda Fitzgerald Book Cover

Although fictional, this book offers a deeper insight into Zelda Fitzgerald's (F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife) tumultuous life.

The Girl With Seven Names

The Girl With Seven Names Book Cover

A true, sad, unbelieveable story of a young girl's experience defecting from North Korea. She left her family not comprehending the risks. Often I found myself second-guessing her and wondering "how can this really be true?" I'm recommending this book because it opened my eyes to the horrors of dictatorship.