Staff Picks: November 2012

In One Person

In One Person Book Cover

This is an interesting novel on many levels. The story is narrated by the bisexual main character from the time he was a child until now, when he is in his seventies. It takes place in a small town in Vermont and includes many quirky characters among his family and friends, and even the local librarian whom he falls in love with as an adolescent. Read with an open mind it’s very engaging and enjoyable – Irving at his best.

The Dog Stars

The Dog Stars Book Cover

A heart-wrenching story in post apocalyptic Colorado of a small plane pilot, Hig, and his dog, living in their world of loss and survival. It begins 9 yrs after a flu and blood disease have wiped out most of human civilization. But when a random radio transmission comes through his radio, Hig risks everything and flies past his point of no return (not enough fuel to get home). Heller writes sparingly but intimately about nature, love, friendship, adventure and survival in a thought provoking way that makes you laugh, cry, and hope. One of the best books I’ve read this year.

The Night Strangers

The Night Strangers Book Cover

Chip Linton attempts to land a commercial airliner in a lake after the plane he is piloting malfunctions. He survives but 39 passengers perish. His family moves to Bethel, New Hampshire to start their lives over. As his wife and twin daughters adapt to life in this small town Chip fights his demons and PTSD from the crash. The local herbalists take an interest in the family but as the story unfolds it becomes clear that their interest is more sinister than altruistic. The story is well written with engaging characters and horror elements that bear similarity to a Stephen King novel.