Staff Picks: November 2018

Lessons on expulsion : poems

Lessons on expulsion : poems Book Cover

This collection of poetry is fierce, eye opening, and beautifully expressive. It tugged at my heart, opened my mind, and will stay with me for quite some time.

Little feminist [toddler book]

Little feminist [toddler book] Book Cover

Learn about the essential pioneers, activists, leaders, and artists with the feminist you are raising! These books are much thicker than the regular board books, which made these a better first book for my daughter. She also enjoyed the simple yet bright colors. There is also a set of books for little scientists too, but this set is my favorite!

Que tan lejos

Que tan lejos Book Cover

This movie follows two young woman, as they hitchhike through the Ecuadorian countryside after strikes close the highways to buses. Esperanza (Hope) is a backpacker from Spain looking for new adventure, and Tristeza (Sadness) is a cynical university student. Along the way, they meet a variety of people who help them better understand themselves, and what they are looking for.

The first fifteen lives of Harry August

The first fifteen lives of Harry August Book Cover

This novel tells the story of Harry August, a man who is granted the gift of eternal life. The catch is that he lives the same life, birth to death, each time, with the knowledge of all the lives lived before. Upon his 11th deathbed, he receives a message that spurs him to alter how he lives--and dies--in order to save the world.

Brain on fire: my month of madness

Brain on fire: my month of madness Book Cover

This book had me hooked from the beginning. It follows the journey of journalist Susannah Cahalan, who suffered from an autoimmune disease that caused her to quite literally lose her mind. It was wonderfully written and provides perspective on those who suffer from mental illness.