Staff Picks

Clara and Mr.Tiffany

Clara and Mr.Tiffany Book Cover

Everyone knows Tiffany lamps but few people know that some of the most creative designers of these lamps were women. It is late 1800's in New York City and working conditions for women were dramatically different, so Clara and her co-workers were quite progressive for their time. This was a fascinating story of Clara, her work and her times. It is a well-written story of Clara's struggle for personal and professional fulfillment.

The Scent of Rain and Lightning

The Scent of Rain and Lightning Book Cover

One summer afternoon, Jody receives the alarming news that the man who murdered her father is being released from prison and returning to her small town. It has been 23 years since her father was murdered and her mother disappeared and the accused man still insists that he did not do it. She grew up surrounded by loving grandparents and uncles, but now she is drawn into finding out what really happened way back then. Jody's tragic past seems to be unraveling in the present and she frantically searches for answers to what really happened all those years ago.

The Hermit’s Story

The Hermit’s Story Book Cover

Bass is skilled in the mythical use of earth, air, fire, and water in this diverse collection of short stories - ranging from traveling across a frozen lake under the ice to a family's visit to Monticello showing a critical eye towards Jefferson's obsessions. Interesting stories that are far ranging and amazing.


Boleto Book Cover

Will Testerman is a young Wyoming horse trainer determined to make something of himself. He sees his chance with a beautiful young filly and spends his savings to buy her. He begins her training in the corrals of home, then on a ranch in the rugged Absaroka Mountains, and on to the treacherous polo fields of southern California. I found this an engrossing story of perseverance, heartache, and redemption.

The Bells: A Novel

The Bells: A Novel Book Cover

This book pulled me in from the first page. It's narrator is a man leaving his legacy for his son, laying bare all the mysteries of his coming-of-age. Starting in the Swiss Alps and ending in Vienna, it tells a story of music, love, and tragedy.

The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession

The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession Book Cover

A ‘Big Year’ is a competition where people try to see the most birds in the US in a single calendar year. Competitive birding?! I know it seems like an oxymoron, but as a budding birder I was intrigued. Environmental journalist Obmascik blends humor and obsession as he recounts the adventures of the 1998 Big Year’s three main competitors. Now a motion picture starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson; this quick read will appeal to birders and beyond.

There’s No Place Like Here

There’s No Place Like Here Book Cover

Sandy Shortt of Leitrim, Ireland becomes obsessed with missing things as a child, when a girl from her class disappears and is never found. She becomes fixated on missing socks, toys and other items as a child and continues the obsession as an adult by starting a missing persons’ agency. The story moves from being a mystery to a fantasy when Sandy disappears and ends up in the place where all of the missing things and people have gone. The reader, Sile Nic Fheorais, has a clear and easy to understand voice with an Irish accent that brings the setting to life.

The Gilly Salt Sisters

The Gilly Salt Sisters Book Cover

The Gilly sisters, Jo and Claire, grow up on an isolated salt farm on Cape Cod. Jo is quiet and introspective while Claire is pretty and popular and can't wait to leave the isolated town for a big city. Many in the town believe that the sisters are witches and the farm does seem to have an unusual curse on it. The sisters have become estranged, but over time, alliances change and they are able to see value in family, salt and each other.

Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea

Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea Book Cover

On a beautiful summer day, 12 year old Florine's mother disappears, ending her idyllic childhood in coastal Maine. Her small fishing village rallies arouond father and daughter but everyday life is a struggle. The book follows the next 6 years of her life with all its ups and downs. The character development is excellent as you come to care very much for all of the people in the book.

Spring Fever

Spring Fever Book Cover

This is a wonderful summer read that draws you into the Southern culture, as well as into the characters. Her characters are witty, charming and devious. It is also a book about second chances. If you happen to be a Mary Kay Andrew’s fan you won’t be disappointed with this latest book. The main character, Annajane, was once married to Mason, her boss and CEO at Quixie, a local soft drink manufacturer. Mason, newly engaged to Celia is having second thoughts about Celia’s future intentions of the company. Celia can’t wait to rid Annajane of her position in the firm fast enough which leads Annajane to investigate Celia. Oh the plot thickens!!!! All in all a great chick read.