Staff Picks

The Bird Eater

The Bird Eater Book Cover

This fairly new author (this is her 4th book) brings a fresh voice on the horror-theme. She ties modern day family issues with an interesting spin on being haunted by bad decisions and the non-living. Three pages in, I was pulled in and could not wait to see the outcome this family’s story.

Finders Keepers : A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession

Finders Keepers : A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession Book Cover

While hiking the deserts of the Southwest, the jungles of South America, Asia or the Far East we feel lucky to come across a relic of the past; do we ask ourselves is it ours to keep, ours to have displayed in a museum or hide away in a closet or basement where no one can enjoy or study them? Who do they belong to? Have Archaeologists and Anthropologists been some of the grave and site robbers and destructors of the past and are we grave and site robbers of the present? These are a few of the questions that well known naturalist, ecologist Craig Childs explores. Mr. Childs work is based upon the Native American ruins and the inconsistent nature of archaeological site excavations. He has included much history and done an enormous amount of research on this topic. He’s made the story engaging, at times suspenseful and has the reader questioning their own motives, rights and principles. I found myself both agreeing with Mr. Childs then at times disagreeing with him; I was constantly questioning myself which is an awesome sign of a good read.

Last To Know

Last To Know Book Cover

The author is known for her romantic adventures, however, this book is a mystery involving a murder on Evening Lake, a quiet community that is close to Boston and all of its crimes. The characters that she develops in this mystery are a mixed bag with expansive background information and colorful personalities. The main character is detective Harry Jordan who gets involved in a murder investigation concerning one of his neighbors and the small lake community. A great summer/fall mystery read with good character development.

Faithful Place

Faithful Place Book Cover

Faithful Place is about an old, unsolved disappearance of a young woman from a working class neighborhood in Ireland. When an article is found belonging to the missing woman her boyfriend is called to identify the item. The boyfriend is also the detective. The book delivers the mystery and delves into the life of the detective, his losses, his perspectives and finally the changes he needs make to make in his life. I would definitely read another of her books.

Kids These Days

Kids These Days Book Cover

Most of us have to rely on help from family at some point in our lives. What happens when that goes haywire in a hilarious and scarily bad way? Can we redeem ourselves and forgive our family? Why is it that family always seems to bring out the worst in us? Why do we hurt the ones we love the most? And, can we break the cycle before irreparable damage is done? This is a book we can all relate to.

The Newsroom

The Newsroom Book Cover

This series is so good that you will want to watch episode after episode! The Newsroom gives you a behind the scenes look at a fictional cable news network (ACN). The writing of the series is excellent (thanks Aaron Sorkin), and the acting in the series is even better. Jeff Daniels is brilliant, funny, but different than any of his other characters that he has played in the past. Great series to check out!!

Remains of Innocence

Remains of Innocence Book Cover

Sheriff Johanna Brady has her hands full with a recent murder of a family friend in the nearby town of Bisbee. Her Medical examiner has gone out of town for the weekend so she has to ask her father-in-law if he would take the job until Mr. Machett returns. On the other coast, Lisa Machett, discovers thousands of dollars stuffed into her mother's cookbooks and magazines. Someone has burned her mother's home down to the ground while she was at her mother's funeral and someone is out to kill her. The trail of the "old" money will lead her into Sheriff Brady's county. Another good read of J.A. Jance's mystery to solve.

Flight Behavior

Flight Behavior Book Cover

An engrossing story about the world around us and the complexity of human nature. It was inspiring, enlightening and captivating to watch the tale unfold. Barbara Kingsolver’s writing draws you in and takes you for a great ride. Always leaves you looking at the dilemma from the other side.


Landline Book Cover

This is the story of a magic telephone. What would you say if you could communicate with your past (young) self & warn him/her about the person you would become? This is also a story that all of us can relate to about how life gets away from us. How easy it is to get caught up in the drama & forget what’s really important.

The Winter People

The Winter People Book Cover

By the New York Times bestseller author (Promise Not to Tell), this story starts in the past (1908) but is woven into the present time. Only thing Ruthie thinks about is leaving her small town but circumstances beyond her control, force her to take care of her little sister and find the reason for her mother’s disappearance. Shocking and surprising ending.