Action Book Club

About the New Book Club

In a new twist on the traditional book club, Park City Library will be starting an Action Book Club. Action Book Club invites participants to read books on timely topics and take part in meaningful—and fun—service projects to benefit their communities.

This is reading and social engagement at its best.

Park City Library’s Action Book Club theme changes each season. Each theme celebrates the joy of reading and the power of literacy.

Action Book Club was created by Little Free Library. They believe that books can inspire you to make the world a better place—starting in your own neighborhood!

How to Participate:

The theme of Action Book Club for October and November is “Good Neighbors.” Celebrate the power of community, kindness, and taking action where you live.

Step 1: Read – Select a book to read within the theme from the list below or feel free to pick out your own book or movie.

Step 2: Take Action – Pick up an “action bag” from the Library, participate in a library event, or choose your own action. Pick up actions bags as supplies last. Or, consider giving blood at or meeting new friends through library events.

Starting on October 6th, pick up your Library action bag with spring bulbs – while supplies last. Plant now in your yard or a neighbor’s yard to have beautiful blooms in the spring.

Starting on November 3rd, pick up your library action bag with stationary supplies – while supplies last. Write an appreciation letter to a neighbor.

Book Recommendations

Children’s books

Last stop on Market Street By De La Peña, Matt
Maybe something beautiful : how art transformed a neighborhood By Campoy, F. Isabel (y en español)
Look where we live! : a first book of community building By Ritchie, Scot
The mitten tree By Christiansen, Candace
One hen : how one small loan made a big difference By Milway, Katie Smith
Ordinary Mary By Pearson, Emily
Hey, wall : a story of art and community By Verde, Susan
Finding kindness By Underwood, Deborah
Community helpers By Brennan, Shawn
Crafts for kids who are learning about community workers By Ross, Kathy
Can we help? : kids volunteering to help their communities By Ancona, George

  • Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed – coming soon
  • Book Uncle and Me – coming soon
  • The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place – coming soon
  • Seedfolks – coming soon
  • All of the Above – coming soon

Youth & Teen books

It’s your world: get informed, get inspired & get going! By Clinton, Chelsea
Hope was here By Bauer, Joan

Adult books

LaRose By Erdrich, Louise
A man called Ove By Backman, Fredrik
Night of miracles By Berg, Elizabeth
Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: a visual history By Wagner, Melissa
Sunny days: the children’s television revolution that changed America By Kamp, David
Kindness & salt: recipes for the care and feeding of your friends and neighbors By Angulo, Ryan

Adult magazines and film

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
A Man Called Ove (also available for streaming on Kanopy)
• Growing People: Young People Building Community at a Hawaii Farm (streaming on Kanopy)
• Magnolia Journal magazine
• Sunset magazine